Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I've folded a lot of bags the past few months...

...for the annual luminaria display they have at my workplace.

It's a repetitive, boring task that does take practice and dexterity to master and I've been doing it every year since the club I advise started.

Years and years it seems.

While it does get to me now and then when the count left to do is high and the stack seems implacably large, through its simple motions I feel a kind of relaxation. Granted any sense of peace I feel is probably stolen from the muscles in my neck where knots seem to form after several hours at it, it's still a good feeling.

The display is less than two weeks away at this point and I'm done with my/our allotment.Set-up begins the Monday following Thanksgiving, though I think I'll skip helping there until the day of, choosing to help straighten and light for the evening.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post in a few weeks.


It really is quite a sight. Especially if it there's a light snow in the air. We had to cancel one year do to a heavy-ish snow (well, heavy-ish for the high desert), but if the flakes start falling the hour of, it just magnifies the beauty of the display.

I wish we could leave them up the entirety of the season, but then where would anybody park?

Ah, well... my part is done for now. All there is to do is wait for time to roll by and concentrate on other things.

Hope to see you there~

The San Juan College Luminaria Display is an annual event that begins around sundown on the first Saturday in December. Visitors driving through must start at Butler Avenue, traveling on Sunrise. Walkers may park by the Quality Center for Business or CFDC by traveling south on College Boulevard from Pinon Hills.

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